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Welcome to 115 Massage
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We are no longer doing business with Groupon! 





 Over the years, experience has taught us that in order to do a massage right,

we need to spend enough time with our clients.


That's why we offer our Signature 75 Minute Massage.


This massage may integrate one or more of the following techniques:

deep tissue, acupressure, Swedish massage,

sports massage, hot stones, sugar scrub.


Each massage session is tailored to meet the individual client needs,

whether it be pain relief, increased mobility, stress release or simply relaxation. 

Our massage practitioners combine their experience, intuition and unique abilities 

with your specific needs to develop the best massage style for you.


We want 115 Massage to be the place you never want to leave.



Our massage therapy sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.

This time includes a pre-interview, about 70 minutes of hands-on time, 

and time to re-dress.



For an appointment you can text us or call thanks:










Our goal at 115 Massage is to provide an exceptional massage that is

affordable for anyone who needs relaxation, stress-relief or healing.

We hope to serve those individuals that may otherwise

feel they cannot afford a top quality massage.

We firmly believe that therapeutic massage is a part of  overall

mental, physical and spiritual well-being - and we love what we do!